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Enduro (NN)


Newly developed surface Enduro reaches new depths in terms of haptics and visual appearance; mimicking elegant stone formations. In terms of technology, this surface has been optimised for more challenging applications such as outdoor areas, kitchens and dining rooms. The matt finish, combined with an extremely deep textured effect offers great character.


0026 Prado Alu Grey
0027 Prado Agate Grey
0344 Riverside
0386 Blues
0394 Moonwalk
0406 Rockstar
0421 Venus
0426 Loft
0427 Skyline
0428 Cave
0497 Stonehenge
0793 Patina Tin
0794 Patina Bronze


Black core without F-quality


4100 х 1300 mm, thickness 8 -13 mm