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Techlam by Levantina


 Techlam® The new porcelain solution that, thanks to its large format and minimal thickness, is revolutionising the decoration and architecture sectors. New colours and textures that transform any atmosphere into a world of extreme beauty.
Design and avant-garde combine to create an explosion of colours and textures, hand-in-hand with the most exquisite elegance. A porcelain product that fascinates with its sophisticated nuances that reach their fullest meaning through their unique qualities, exclusive to thin, large-format ceramic.
 Techlam® is synonymous with quality, elegance and sophistication. It sets a new standard for porcelain products, capable of creating spaces that are loaded with personality and simply unique. With its extensive range of colours and its aesthetic possibilities, this cladding, versatile like few others, is capable of satisfying the most demanding architectural and decorative needs, in new builds and renovations alike. A hi-tech solution for floors, walls, countertops, furniture and facades, where it is possible to create a conceptualisation of integral projects using a single ceramic material. Blaze, Slate, Stone, Wood, Steel, Deco, Vulcano, Hydra y Basic: 9 starting points which make up an endless world of possibilities to discover, all equally heady and captivating. Subtle and evocative and fit for the most luxurious settings, they show off a surprising aesthetic style that includes collections for minimalist spaces as well as ranges with a greater decorative twist.


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  • 1000/3000 mm;
  • 1000/1000 mm;
  • 500/1000 mm;
  • 500/500 mm;
  • 300/500 mm

Fire class

A, s1-d0

Color Collection

Steel Corten
Steel Dark
Steel White
Steel Chrome
Nomad White
Nomad Dark
Blaze Snow
Blaze Grey
Blaze Dark
Agatha Bianco
Basalto Beige
Kalos Bianco
Basalto Oscuro
Quartizite Stone
Milos Bianco
Marvel Gold
Slate Ebony
Opium Black
Natura Brown
Natura White
Wood Ash
Wood Oak
Natura Grey
Wood Aspen
Zahir Perle
Deco Silk
Deco Colonial
Deco Terrazzo
Vulcano Ceniza
Vulcano Roca
Vulcano Concrete
Hydra Argen
Hydra Beige
Hydra Plomo
Basic Ice
Basic Antracita
Basic Black
Basic Bone
Basic Capuccino
Blizzard Cendra
Basic Neu
Basic Tardor

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