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Max Compact Interior Plus


The surface with the plus. The highest standards of hygiene and durability are fulfilled with a specially compressed surface.

Max Compact IP are high pressure laminates (HPL) in compliance with EN 438 4 type CGS for demanding applications (e.g., office furniture, wall cladding, wet rooms, etc.) with a double-hardened, pore-free, sealed urethane acrylate layer. They are designed for use in heavily frequented areas with more intensive cleaning or hygienic requirements, such as in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sanitary rooms in hotels and in public areas, as well as buildings with occasionally increased risk of infection (airports, train stations), industrial kitchens, food industry and public transport.



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Fire class

D, s2-d0, also possible Euroclass B-s2, d0


Black core


  • hospitals, nursing homes
  • areas with high hygienic demands
  • school buildings,
  • public swimming baths, sauna
  • sanitary rooms in hotels and in the public
  • buildings with occasionally higher infection risk
    (airports, railway stations)
  • canteen kitchens, foodstuff industry
  • public traffic

Technical information

For more information, please contact with us.