Our enviromental concern reaches far beyond fashion and image campaigns.

Apavisa porcelanico is an integrated company concerned for the enviroment, which is why we have compromised in repecting it from the beginning.

As a result we have developed all the necessary technics to make certain that none of the elements used during the production process are pollutant.

For all elements used in production which have no ecological substitute we have a system to canalise the remaining waste in all our installations and we submit it to a cleaning and recycling process for reuse in a future production proc

Technical information

For more technical information, please contact us.

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Apavisa Archconcept

Apavisa General


Anarchy Ivory
Forma Marfil
Hydraulic Black
Hydraulic Patchwork
Hydraulic Patchwork
Nanoarea 7.0 Black
Nanoarea 7.0 White
Regeneration Gray
Terratec White
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Metal 2.0 Green
Xtreme Black
Xtreme Black
Xtreme Copper
Xtreme White
Spectrum White
Nanospectrum Green
Nanofantasy Black
Nanofantasy Antracita
Nanocolors Black
Fantasy Black
Materia Black
Materia Black
Materia Grey
Materia White
Pulpis Bronze
Pulpis Gold
Rovere Ocre
Iconic Biege
Iconic Brown
Iconic White
Rovere Black
Rovere Brown