Alubond U.S.A


Alubond U.S.A. is established with its head office in Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A and additional production bases in Europe, Middel East and India has a primary focus on manufacturing and marketing of Metal Composite Panels.

Panels are marketed under the U.S registered trade mark brand name of ALUBOND U.S.A. With New Production bases coming up in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. Alubond’s new installed production capacity of metal composite Panels by June 2012 will be more than 15,000,000m² and coil coating capacity to over 20,000 tons per anum making Alubond U.S.A arguably The World’s Largest Metal Composite Brand! The company has also added Solid PVDF coated aluminium panels, Honeycomb core PVDF coated aluminium Panels, Alubond-Lite signage panels. The strong R&D efforts have resulted in the development of new patented technologies for innovative applications in Acoustics, Solar and BIPV Market Segments.